So, you want to be a Theatre Producer?

...but you just don't know where to start?

Learn how to produce plays and musicals without losing your shirt - or your sanity!

Learn the 3 Keys to Theatre Producing Success


Free Video Series reveals secrets used by top theatrical producers.

You will learn:

1. How to select material to produce
2. Financial Structures used to fund plays and musicals
3. How to find and engage financiers.

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Whether you’re a playwright thinking about  producing your own material. A member of an acting company, or  just someone who loves theatre, and  wants  to produce plays and musicals that enlighten, entertain and inspire audiences, You recognize that you’re looking at a major undertaking, and you need to learn the art, the business, and the process of producing live theatre.

You’ve got questions…

“What should I produce?”
“How do I get the rights?”
“Where will I get the money?”
“What is an LP?  LLC?  PPM?  Which do I need?”

… The answers are right here.

Introducing Theatre Producer Academy 

Now, there’s a way that aspiring theatre producers can learn the ropes before they get in over their heads, and experienced producers can learn the deeper detail of their craft.

This 19 lesson crash course in producing plays and musicals will teach you everything you need to know about how plays and musicals are produced..

Designed by theatre professionals who’ve worked on such productions as “The Lion King”, “Gypsy”, “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”, “The Marvelous Wonderettes”, “Jewtopia” and  many more, the Course consists of seven modules, and 19 individual, topic-oriented lessons.

The Lessons contain:

  • Lesson Videos;
  • Lesson Audios
  • Lesson Transcripts
  • Downloadable PDF outlines and checklists;
  • Interviews with theatre professionals;
  • Work-at-home exercises;
  • recommendations for outside reading;
  • and more.

In each short, easy to follow lesson, you’ll learn the business basics of one aspect of theatre production.

In Module 1, you’ll learn about selecting material and the preliminary planning for a production.


In Module 2, you’ll learn… how to acquire the rights. Whether it’s in new, original material, a pre-existing play or musical, or something you’re specially commissioning for your own purposes.


In Module 3 we discuss assembling your creative and business teams, from hiring a director, choreographer and stage manager to casting, and hiring the General Manager, Company Manager, and Press Agent.


Module 4 will teach you how plays and musicals are financed. From nonprofit fundraising to enhancement deals, to commercial limited partnerships and LLCs, you’ll learn the rules, regulations and procedures used by successful producers to raise the money needed to launch their shows.


Module 5 looks at the crucial pre-production period. You’ll learn how shows are budgeted, venues selected and booked, and how a play or musical is marketed.


Module 6 looks at the production process itself, from Rehearsals and Hiring crew, to building the show, loading into the theater, previews and opening. Then we examine the business aspects of running the show and then, the eventual business decisions and procedures when it’s time to close.

Module 7 explores transfers, tours, publishing, and everything else.

Jam Packed with valuable knowledge

This course is jam-packed with the knowledge you’ll need as you begin producing your next play or musical.

Whether you’re producing in a non-profit, for a school, church or community group, or if you’re planning a larger-scale commercial production, Theatre Producer Academy will show you how it’s done, from identifying worthwhile material, to hiring your creative staff, budgeting, casting, marketing and much, much, more.

Similar programs require you to attend weekly sessions, and cost thousands of dollars. In fact,  you could spend TENS of thousands of dollars to get the information we’ve packed into this intensive 19 Lesson program.

With Theatre Producer Academy you get all 19 lessons, plus the bonus materials, forms, checklists and more for  just  $597.  

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If you’re not fully satisfied with Theatre Producer Academy within 30 days, just cancel your enrollment for a full refund.   Just tell us WHY you’ve canceled and we will honor the refund.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

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