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Starting Saturday June 24 2017 Theatre Producer Academy will be closed for new enrollments while we upgrade improve and redesign our one-of-a-kind producer training program and producing system.

When Theatre Producer Academy reopens (later this summer) there will also be new pricing in effect.

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If you love theatre and you want to have an impact on audiences,  read this...

Whether you’re a playwright thinking about  producing your own material. A member of an acting company, or  just someone who loves theatre, and  wants  to produce plays and musicals that enlighten, entertain and inspire audiences – you recognize that you’re looking at a major undertaking, and you need to learn the art, the business, and the process of producing live theatre.

Imagine the feeling, when youve found that perfect project, gotten the rights, raised the money, assembled a dream-team of creatives, businesspeople, cast, crew and everting, and you're into rehearsal, and then... Its opening night.  That awesome, amazing feeling.

Theatre Producer Academy's one-of-a-kind online training program helps you get there.  Now, it's true, there's no way that an online training program can fully replace the actual experience of doing the work.  At some point, you do have to jump in and do it.  But our program is a surefire way to flatten out the learning curve and learn the fundamentals, the essential principles, and the nitty-gritty of producing for the stage.

Learn from experienced professionals

Our founder and chief instructor, Gordon Firemark, is a theatrical attorney with over 25 years experience helping Playwrights, Producers, Directors, Composers, Lyricists and others get their shows developed, financed and produced.

Study at your own pace, however suits your preference.

Theatre Producer Academy's video training modules are also available as audio downloads, and as text transcripts, so you can take them with you on-the-go, and study your way, any time you like.

A proven theatre producing system

Theatre Producer Academy's program isn't just a bunch of videos you sit, watch, and digest.  It's a complete, comprehensive system that, when implemented, will dramatically improve your chances of success in getting your play or musical off the page, and onto the stage, where it belongs, so audiences can experience it.

Success Story!

Congratulations to Theatre Producer Academy alumnus Cody Lassen, shown at the 2017 Tony awards as part of the producing team of Broadway's "Indecent".  Lassen previously produced "Spring Awakening" on Broadway and in Los Angeles.  Cody is currently producing several other broadway projects.

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Module 1 - The Material

you’ll learn about selecting material and the preliminary planning for a production.

Module 2 - Acquiring the rights

Here, you’ll learn how to acquire the legal rights to everything required for your production. Whether it’s in new, original material, a pre-existing play or musical, or something you’re specially commissioning for your own purposes.

Module 3 - Assembing the team

In Module 3 we examine the process and strategies involved in  assembling your creative and business teams, from hiring a director, choreographer and stage manager to casting, and hiring the General Manager, Company Manager, and Press Agent.

Module 4 - Financing

In this module we teach you how plays and musicals are financed. From nonprofit fundraising to enhancement deals, to commercial limited partnerships and LLCs, you’ll learn the rules, regulations and procedures used by successful producers to raise the money needed to launch their shows.

Module 5 - Pre-production

This module walks you through everything that must occur during  the crucial pre-production period. You’ll learn how to budget your show, select and strike your deal with the venue, and marketing essentials so you can sell tickets and fill seats.

Module 6 - Building, rehearsing, and opening the show

Here, we're getting into the production process itself, from Rehearsals and Hiring crew, to building the show, loading into the theater, previews and opening. Then we examine the business aspects of running the show and then, the eventual business decisions and procedures when it’s time to close.

Module 7 - Transfers, tours, publishing, and everything else

Here we look at everything that can happen with a show after opening, including ways to maximize value by taking the show on the road, exploiting subsidiary rights, etc.

Jam-packed with valuable information and tools for your producing ventures.

This course is jam-packed with the knowledge you’ll need as you begin producing your next play or musical.

Whether you’re producing in a non-profit for a school church or community group or if you’re planning a larger-scale commercial production Theatre Producer Academy will show you how it’s done from identifying worthwhile material to hiring your creative staff budgeting casting marketing and much much more.

Similar programs require you to attend weekly sessions and cost thousands of dollars. In fact  you could spend TENS of thousands of dollars to get the information we’ve packed into this intensive 19 Lesson program.

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If you’re not fully satisfied with Theatre Producer Academy within 30 days, just cancel your enrollment for a full refund.   Just tell us WHY you’ve canceled and we will honor the refund.  You’ve got nothing to lose

Hurry!  This offer expires Friday, June 23rd at midnight, Pacific Time!

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We're looking forward to seeing you inside Theatre Producer Academy

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    You’ll have access to our growing library of “guestpert” interviews with theatrical professionals who share their knowledge experience wisdom and war stories. (A tremendous value all by itself)

  • Live Coaching

    Theatre Producer Academy members attend live-coaching webinars and calls to get their questions answered and continue learning even after completing the core training.

  • Community

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  • And Much More

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